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The app starts teaching the words with flash cards. Mark your knowledge with a smiley, the chosen algorithm will be scheduling the words accordingly and repeating more frequently the ones you don’t know. The weakest words will be asked with additional task types: spelling games, ‘choose from five’ exercises and word finder.

This feature will teach you the words permanently especially if you listen to them too right after learning.

Listen to

The app will be organizing the words into a globe and rotating them around, while reading out the words with their meaning. The current word pauses for a second so you can read it. This feature supports AirPlay. The audio file can be paused, saved and shared via email, AirDrop, etc.

This feature creates your own listening materials: 1-2000 words with their meaning. Listen to your saved listening files, the last learned session right after learning, the scheduled words or all words. Listening will strengthen your knowledge.


Our unique tool for practicing! Learn the words in context: add e.g. an article, Vocab Tool will display the meaning of all words, which is in your dictionary (exact matches). Just tap the ones you want to see the meaning of.

This feature saves time for you: you don’t have to search the meaning of words in the dictionary! Just read the text and check the meaning with 1 tap if you need to.


The app is well preset for instant use including sample word packs and sample text, so you can try out all features. But you have many options to customize the features and your learning materials.

This flexibility provides you freedom while learning: set the app according to your current needs. Speed up, slow down, learn everything or learn few words per occasion, as you wish.


Learning your own material is essential as well as using other’s material. Vocab Tool gives you great option for both. It’s easy to import words from file (xls, xlsx, csv), from Quizlet.com, Cram.com or Vocab Tool community.

Moreover, Vocab Tool import can separate any added attributes (positioned before words) from words downloaded from Quizlet or Cram sites. With this your words in Vocab Tool app will be similarly structured, that makes the Text search feature more accurate.

Go Pro

Download the free app then by the Pro version with in-app purchase. This is a one-time payment, which allows you to use the Pro version without limitation. Install the app to all your devices (iPad, etc.) and keep saving it to your iCloud, so you can use it anytime, anywhere from any of your devices – all for 2.99 USD.

Features in Pro version:

  • Banner-free surface
  • iCloud backup and restore
  • You can set 5 different learning speed: speed up the algorithm if you need fast result
  • Listen to your saved Vocab Tool listening files.